Hi I’m Peg,

The proud designer of "The Kitchen PEG Board" and developer of all the delicious popcorn and caramel corn treat recipes that we offer.

One of my life long passions is cooking. Not just any cooking, but creating something delicious, and always with presentation in mind. My goal is to make a lasting impression; in fact I aim to “Wow”!

For the past several years, I have been hosting numerous food related events. Some for fun, some were special occasions, and some were tasting sessions for an upcoming cookbook. One item always stood out as a favorite……. my gourmet caramel corn.

Family, Kids, Grandkids, friends, the neighbors… Everyone loves it!

I thank them all for the constant encouragement and constructive advice.

Now after long hours in the kitchen and office testing recipes, packaging, and constructing a web site, I am ready to present to you my on line store, "The Kitchen PEG Board" - Featuring my handcrafted gourmet caramel corn that I am confident that you will enjoy!

Thank you for visiting,

Peggy Schwan